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How Does This Work?

After you select here if you want to rent-out (Charter) or sell  (Sale) your barge you will be asked to choose a listing package that corresponds to your needs. The package that suits you best depends on how many barges you would like to list on Bargebook.

In case you already have purchased a listing package earlier you can just select your package and proceed with your next listing.

In case you just registered and select a listing package for the first time you can directly fill-out all details of your first listing whereafter you will be directed to the check-out page for payment. After payment you can proceed with your next listings.

Do you need assistance adding or modifying your barges on Bargebook? No problem at all!
Contact us at support@bargebook.com and our team assists or even adds the listings for you. Just email us the specification sheet and location of your barge and we will do the rest!