Technical Specifications
  • Owner
    Royal Wagenborg
  • Year of Construction
  • Flag
  • Class
    Bureau Veritas
  • Classification
    BV, I HULL, Pontoon, Unrestricted navigation
  • Length o.a.
    100 m
  • Width o.a.
    33 m
  • Depth
    7.6 m
  • Gross Tonnage
    6745 GT
  • Nett Tonnage
    2023 NT
  • Lightweight
    2999 t
  • Deadweight
    15530 t
  • Draught summer
    6.05 m
  • Max. deck load
    20 t/m²
  • Clear deck area
    3270 m²
  • Ballast capacity
    1200 m³/hr
  • Ballast system
    1 x internal ballast pump 1200 m³/hr x 30 m head 1.1 kW, electrical motor driven
  • Generator Power
    80 kW
  • Generator
    1 x 80 kW, 100 kVA, 480 V, 3 phase 60 Hz, 3 wire, 0.8PF diesel engine driven
  • Mooring system
    Bollards: 10 x 50t, Panama chocks: 10 pcs, Mooring: 8 x mooring wire 120mtr Ø10". Anchor: 5t stockless bower anchor. Anchor wire: 600m x Ø40mm / Ø76 stud link chain.
  • Winches
    Anchor winch: 40t x 9m/min. hydraulic operated
  • Towing Arrangement
    4x Smit towing brackets 200t incl. fairleaders; 1x Forerunner stud link chain 10m x Ø60mm, 200t; 2x Bridle stud link chain 25m x Ø60mm, 200t; 3x Shackle Green Pin 120t; 1x triangle plate, 200t; 1x Retrieving wire 40m x Ø25mm + 25t shackle; 1x Bridle hydraulic retrieving winch 15t x 7m/min. 20t, stall pull.
  • Emergency Towing
    2x bridle stud link chain 25m x Ø60mm 200t (one connected, 1 spare); 1x Shackle Green Pin 120t; 1x Steel wire 80m x Ø64, 260t MBL; 1x polypropylene wire 100m x Ø8”, 46t MBL; 1x buoy Ø 1mtr.
  • Remark
    Particulars believed to be correct, but not guaranteed.
Additional information

Load Capacity

Deck load (limited) 20 t/m²
Deck load (uniform) 15 t/m²
Deck load (Sea) 10 t/m²

Longitudinal bulkhead 100t/m
Transversal deck frame 150t/m
Deck column 400t / 2m
Side shell column 350t / 2m

Location / Destination
Barge availability

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